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This document refers to the Qpongo web sites which are currently offered in more than 60 countries and 20 langauges.

      For information about the Qpongo Messenger Bot Service see here.

Qpongo stands by the claim we made 7 years ago that we are "the most private coupon code search engine on the web."  In order to get search engine traffic we include the required Google Analytics (just like ever single one of our competitors).  We will tell you what we do and then refer you to Google's privacy policy for the rest.

In summary, our web server does not look at, capture or store any personal information about you (no ip addresses, nothing).

The Qpongo team understands this issue like few others and we will always make every effort to keep our clients informed.  That being said, every site we send you to will more than likely capture and store your personal information -- electronic shopping carts require storing information during your visit and that's normal, acceptable and required (in our opinion).

The bottom line is that Qpongo takes privacy very seriously so that you can feel comfortable using our service.

  1. Personal information we collect

  2. How we use your personal information?

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information.
  3. When do we share your personal information?

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information.
  4. How do we secure your private information?

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information.
  5. Child privacy statement

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information but note that the Terms of Service requires that users must be 18 to access this service.
  6. Cookie usage does not use cookies but may store search results in your browser cache in order to increase performance using a different but similar technology called 'localStorage'.

  7. Google Analytics

    As stated earlier, does include Google Analytics (like every site in our space and 80+% of the Internet).  Please refere to Google's privacy policy for more details on how this affects your privacy, cookies, etc.

  8. Third party sites that we link to

    We do not control communications between you and the sites that we link to (including our affiliates). Please refer to the specific privacy statements of these individual sites for details about their data collection and usage.
  9. Any questions?

    Send an email to

Privacy policy last updated 9/29/2017 to include link to Messenger Bot Privacy Policy.

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